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History of Mims Chapel Church

Smith Chapel COGIC now known as Mims Chapel started on Sol Wislon Street in the late 60's under the leader Elder DL Smith and Missionary Smith on December 9, 1970.  Smith Chapel Stayed on Sol Wilson for two years and then moved to Oak Springs Drive.  When Elder DL Smith went home to be with the Lord, Pastor Carlton Mims became the pastor.  Many were saved and healed while at "the church on the hill."  During the years on Oak springs, the Lord came to Pastor Mims in a vision. In the vision he saw THIS (above) very church!  He was in the pulpit and a hand came through the main doors of the sanctuary.  The hand represents a few, which meant it would be only a few to help pay the church off. As a pastor after God's own heart, He vowed not to have a Pastor/Wife Anniversary until Mims Chapel was "paid in full".  On May 16, 2004 our gracious God fulfilled the desires of his heart.  We invite you to our page and thank you for clicking on the site for Mims Chapel.  We pray that this will be a helpful source and tool informing our Local Churches,  District, and community of our endeavors to reach the needs of people everywhere. We are striving to become more Christ- like and to keep unity in the spirit of God. We are motivated  to do the will of God.